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Featured Collection - Emergence

While in quarantine I witnessed the slow, cold murder of George Floyd and all I could think about was how he looked like my father. The photos in Emergence represent the brewing and rising emotions I felt as a African-Greek American whose feelings about race had been suppressed and concealed from me my whole life. My father was of the mind to keep me ignorant rather than actually ready me for what America could be; maybe he decided his because I was so much lighter than himself.

It wasn’t until I was confined to my home and confronted with the racial violence of America, that I was made to stop running from these feelings. They brewed and exploded within me. The images I made, in that, strange and tumultuous time, share the hot colours, shapes and pressure of suppression, and then their eventual release. I created photos almost from a subconscious need to share this terrifying and painful journey of the fear and rage within me, coming up from depths I never imagined, into a piercing light of hope for the future. For myself and for all peoples.

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London at Dawn

Paris at Dawn