Meditation Prints

I spent the past 15 years photographing cities in the morning blue hour. I made 4 books and had many exhibitions from the projects of Cities at Dawn.  

Recently, I moved to the coast of Southern Spain and was still rising very early in the morning, but this time to be met with a view of pure simplicity and colour, not the complexity and maze-like wonder of the city but with the simple pureness of sky and sea.

I didn’t take me but a moment to see the potential in translating the feelings I was having in the presence of nature in its simplest form - two elements of the utmost purity. Sea and sky. Yet every morning was a new view for a new day. New colours. New textures. New horizons.

I call the project Sea Meditations, as after decades of cities, this was a profound change for me.

For me, photography has always been a process of reduction - if you can make it simple then it is more improved is my belief.  In this setting, by the sea, there was nothing to remove -  it was just about time and its passing. Each day from the same spot I shot.  No variables.  Just time passing day by day.