About the titles in Sea Meditations

As the statement for this project makes clear - this collection has been about a meditative experience for me; new scenery, in a new place, apart from an older life, a place of healing and serenity.

At first my titles were my usual poorly thought-out conventions: Sea Meditations 1 thru 12...

I wanted to give the images something more and titles were they way to do it.

I researched "meditation" in general and eventually decided on names of known Buddhists monks - but this was not broad enough and the appeal was not wide enough for me.  So I changed tactic and widen my search to include Buddhists from around the world...then I found the gods.

So the names are a mix of Buddhist names from around the world and from the lexicon of their gods.

How did I choose which name for which image?  It was a matter of selecting the name I liked first, then observing the images until it I felt a match on my heart.