Du Gia Vietnam

As a photographer and writer I’ve used plenty of adjectives to describe the wonder of the places I have traveled to. Among them words like: amazing!, inspirational, awesome (I am from California, sorry), gorgeous, beautiful, mesmerizing, etc, etc. 

But Da Gia village in Vietnam was beyond these plain descriptive efforts. My mind lacks the ability to summarize the first morning on waking there. Met with a thick fog, cutting vision to the ends of my fingers and still wanting to explore lured out by the smells and sounds of mystery.

Experience and patience once again showed its worth; the fog dissolved under the rising sun, a clarity of depth entered the world, along with the presence of life, moving and still.  It was all revealed ever so slowly but inevitably: no darkness can withstand the coming of the light. 

Being present and observing this moment brings to mind a single word I have never before used in my travels - Mystical.